Nurses, trained at Bachelor level, are in high demand worldwide. African countries, like South Africa, have been battling a nationwide nursing shortage of tens of thousands, for many years. In most Asian and Latin American countries the shortage is even worse. According to a recent WHO report the ‘Nurse-to-population ratio’ is 10 times higher in Europe, than in Africa or Southeast Asia and 10 times higher in North America, than in Latin America! However, even highly developed Western countries struggle to keep a ‘healthy’ balance. According to the USA Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Registered Nurse workforce in the USA alone is expected to grow with 6%, till 2031, an increase of 195,400! Medicare reforms, retiring ‘baby-boomers’ and an aging population are mainly responsible for the increasing US shortage.

That doesn’t mean your career as a nurse is a ‘done deal’, the moment you enter a Nursing School. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions, around the world, focus their demand on highly trained and broadly experienced nurses. Being trained at Bachelor level has become a minimum requirement and is not a “plus” anymore! Your professional experience, in numerous aspects of healthcare, must start the moment you enroll in your program and not the moment you finish your program. Our extensive BSN Program includes nursing internships (‘clinicals’), community services, volunteering, special projects and abundant other practical training, as well as virtual reality training.

Unlike many European and US Nursing Schools, we do not have any capacity issues. We have no waiting-lists and no student-quota. Furthermore, our admission procedures are completely transparent; every student that meets our published requirements will be admitted, there is no balloting involved. Can’t make it a certain academic semester? You don’t necessarily have to wait for the next academic year! Operating on an academic two semester schedule, you can start either in August or in January of every year. Students interested in an ASN, LPN, EU Level 5 or similar level to BSN ‘upgrade’ are usually able to start throughout the year.

We are continuously further developing our facilities, to make sure they stay state-of-the-art. We maintain small classes, to provide a personalized education, catering to the individual needs of our students. Our faculty is highly qualified and experienced and above all dedicated and committed to your success.

Besides our top-of-the-bill Nursing Program, we will offer an extra-curricular program that is filled with exciting activities, to broaden and deepen your cultural, natural and professional awareness, like volunteering, guest lectures, seminars, workshops and field-trips. Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, the Caribbean offers ample opportunity to engage in (water)sports and other recreational activities. Talking about recreation. . . don’t forget to meet up with friends and colleagues in our CUN Café! You want your voice to be heard where it really matters? Join the CUN Student Council!

Browse our website and discover why attending CUN will change your life. If nursing is your calling, then call us! Let us help you make your dream come true. We’ll bring out the best professional in you, so you can bring out the best in others.

We hope to welcome you soon!