Why CUN. . .

Nurses play a vital role in the total care-package, delivered to patients. Nurses usually spend more time in direct contact with patients and their relatives and friends, than physicians do. Therefore the patient’s experience is highly influenced by the way nurses work, their knowledge, their skills and their attitude. The level of professionalism and social skills nurses portray, have a huge impact on the institutions they work for, its culture and its medical, social and overall quality and its public image. Also, nurses are involved in taking care of people in situations in which a physician is not necessarily required.

Great Doctors are indispensable, but great Nurses make the difference!

The world is getting smaller and multicultural societies, communities and institutions are no exception to a homogeneous rule anymore. Nurses, now-a-days, must be able to understand, anticipate, respect and deal with a variety of cultures, traditions, believes and values and yet be able to offer the best possible care, under all circumstances.

The scope of healthcare is changing too. There where ‘cure and care’ professionals, medical specialists, home-care and the social environment of a patient were once separated ‘entities’, they are now intertwined, functioning as an integrated healthcare team, where not just the medical indications and chemical and surgical implications are considered, but first of all aspects of life, like culture, religion, lifestyle, nutritional habits, spirituality and natural resources for healing and well-being.

Working as a nurse is no ‘walk in the park’. It’s not ‘just a job’, it’s a greatly rewarding calling! It’s tough, stressful and highly demanding. Add working long hours, night- and weekend-shifts and highly emotional encounters to that and you will understand that nurses are more than pulling their weight, as part of their healthcare team. It is therefore no mystery that as a result of that, the demand for good (Bachelor-level) nurses is great and there has been a substantial shortage for a long time. We are not talking about thousands, not even about hundreds of thousands, but we are talking about millions of great nurses needed worldwide, according to research executed by the World Health Organization!

Preparing students for the demanding tasks of a top nurse, demands an educational program of the highest quality, covering all necessary knowledge and skills, cultural awareness, an holistic and patient-centered approach and a large variety of ‘practical scenario’s’.

We will offer you exactly that! A Nursing Program of the highest possible quality, focusing on multicultural environments, international standards and best practices, based on integrative principles and standards. A Nursing Program with a perfect balance between knowledge and skills, theory and practice, SOP’s and creativity. Helping to create ample possibilities for working side-by-side great doctors and nurses, in a variety of institutions, around the world.

Our Vision

Turning nursing students into the best professional leaders they can be, prepared for addressing the challenges of a complex and diverse healthcare environment.

Our Mission

Having nursing students and faculty work together to enhance the health of all populations, through innovative, integrative and interdisciplinary nursing education, research and practice.