Download your PDF Application Form here

Please fill-in all applicable fields, as accurately as possible. You can enter text by clicking in a text-field and you can go from one text-field to the next, by using the TAB-key or by clicking in the next text-field.

Open drop-down menus, by clicking the’∨’ symbol, on the right side of the field.

As soon as you’re done, you can download the form to your computer or an external device and save it, using the “Save as . . .” option, in the following name-format: myfullname-application.pdf.  You can then send the form, as an attachment, by e-mail, to The Admission Office will confirm receipt of your Application Form, withing 48 hours. In case you don’t receive a confirmation in time, you can get in touch with the Admission Office and, if need be, resend your Application Form. The electronic ‘date- and time-stamp’ in your (first) e-mail message is considered the legal moment of transmission.

As soon as we receive your Application Fee and we have processed your application, you will be granted access to your Student Information and Study Center account, using your CUN e-mail address as your username, together with an initial password.