Suffering from a (learning) disability? Under strict conditions (your disability may in now way and under no circumstances hinder your work as a nurse) and providing the measures we need to take, to accommodate your disability, are workable and feasible, your disability may not necessarily be a ‘no go’. Course-loads, the order in which, the moment at which, the way in which and the places at which courses are followed may be adjusted, if the curriculum can be differentiated to your own profile. If you would like us to take certain measures to accommodate a disability, you can report the nature and the extent of your disability to the Admission Office, supplemented with documents adequately describing what kind of adjustments are needed. You will then be informed about the feasibility of these measures, as soon as possible.

Requests for modifications, based on (learning) disabilities should be supplemented by statements, about the nature and the extent of the concerning disability, signed by a certified and qualified professional.