Admission Process

First Semester Admission

As soon as your Application Details (making up your Profile) are entered and all necessary documents and the Application Fee are received, your application is reviewed and, if deemed necessary by the Immigration Office, a preliminary background check is performed. If all documents are in order, your motivation is convincing and the preliminary background check hasn’t brought to light any noticeable irregularities, you receive a Confirmation of Provisional Admittance.

Proof of Creditworthiness

Prior to sending a definitive Confirmation of Admittance, you (or your legal guardian, representative or sponsor) are asked for a proof of creditworthiness. This could be a recent bank statement or a statement by a recognized financial institution. In case payments are made by a legal guardian, representative or sponsor, this person must send CUN a copy of his/her valid passport.


On receiving proof of creditworthiness, you are asked to make a deposit, being 30% of your first academic semester tuition. As soon as the deposit is received, we will send you a definitive Confirmation of Admittance.


Your legal documents are now sent to the Immigration Office, asking for you to be allowed to enter the country on a student visa. This process can take up to three months. Costs involved will be charged directly to you. On receiving permission to enter the country on a student visa, you can either subscribe to CUN’s student health and liability insurance or arrange your own health and liability insurance. Please be aware that a valid health insurance, for the duration of at least one year, prior to enter most countries in the Caribbean, is mandatory. You must also be aware that upon entering the country, as a temporary resident, a refundable immigration deposit is usually required by law. If you are coming from a non-EU country and you are traveling to one of the (Dutch) Caribbean islands, through a European airport, you will have to apply for a transit visa.

Full payment of tuition, fees and insurance, for the first academic semester

Prior to definitive enrollment you are asked to pay your tuition, fees and insurance (in case of subscribing to CUN’s group insurance), covering your first academic semester, in full. On receiving the tuition, fees and insurance, we will send you a Confirmation of Enrollment in the program, for your first semester.  A Proof of Insurance is now sent to the Immigration Office and you will now be allowed to stay on your student visa. In case you arrange your own insurance, a Proof of Insurance hast to be sent to CUN’s Admission Office first.

Welcoming the student

Finally you are welcomed by a member of the Student Services Team. You are offered a room/apartment in one of CUN’s student dormitories or you arrange your own housing. As soon as you are settled in, a two week introduction program starts. If you follow (part of) your first semester on-line, you will start your introduction program on arrival for your second semester or the remainder of your first semester.

As of the second term. . .

Per Academic Semester Registration

You will have to register for every academic semester and the courses to be taken during that particular semester. Being enrolled or being registered for a particular semester, does not imply registration for any following semester and/or courses.

In case you fail one or more tests, exams or assignments or one or more courses were not completed, they can be retaken. In case tests, exams, assignments or courses can not be retaken during the current academic semester, you will have to register for retaking them separately, the moment you register for a following semester. The consequence of retaking tests, exams, assignments or courses may be that the course-load for that semester will exceed a desirable study-weight. Your Mentor will therefore play an important role in helping to decide when and how to retake tests, exams, assignments or courses, in a particular semester.

On registering for a following academic semester, tuition and other applicable fees have to be paid in full.


On finalizing your program, you can apply for your graduation. Graduation Requests can be sent in on paper or electronically. The proper forms are available at Student Services. As soon as your Graduation Request is received, all requirements will be checked. In case one or more requirements are not yet (fully) met, you and your Mentor are notified immediately. Your Mentor will advise you what steps could or should be taken, to fully meet all requirements.

You will be eligible for graduation, as soon as the applicable fee is paid in full.

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